Retirement Planning

A lot can change between now and your desired retirement date. Careful Retirement Planning can help you ensure that you’re able to meet your required date and enjoy the right level of income for your needs.

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What does Retirement Planning involve?

Most of your financial goals will be relatively long-term, but never more so than when planning for your retirement. It pays to start planning early and thoroughly, because if you get it wrong it may be too late by the time you find out.

Planning effectively for your retirement involves thoroughly reviewing a wide range of information and giving very careful consideration to your future needs. Professional advice on retirement planning can help you ensure that you’re following a specific plan and that you haven’t missed anything significant.

What do you need to consider?

Here are just some of the things you will need to consider when you start planning for your retirement:

  • Your desired retirement date
  • Your outgoings in retirement
  • The level of income you will need
  • Redemption date of your mortgage and other debts
  • Significant future purchases (e.g. holiday homes)
  • Your existing pension schemes
  • Your state pension entitlement
  • Other investments and income sources

A full fact-find with a professional adviser could well unearth other considerations, which are specific to your circumstances. For now though, you may wish to give some thought to the above list before you seek advice.

How can JM Glendinning help you?

We have a team of experienced, impartial advisers on hand to give you the advice you need to plan for your retirement. Contact us to find out more and discuss your financial circumstances.

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