Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance can help you plan the necessary finances to pay for care for yourself or a relative

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Specialist, long term care can be expensive. Talk to us to get an understanding of how long term care insurance can help you plan for the future and leave you flexible to better meet the costs of such care.

What is Long Term Care Insurance?

Very simply, Long Term Care Insurance helps to take away some of the unpredictability of paying for long term health care. If you or an elderly relative should need long-term care, it would help provide some funding for that care. As people continue to live longer and conditions such as dementia become more common, planning for later life has never been more difficult.

We work with you to plan ahead and agree how you might pay for care in the future, for yourself or an elderly relative. Whilst some support is available from the public sector, this can’t be relied on to meet the full costs and may be cut further

How does Long Term Care Insurance benefit you or your family?

The biggest challenge when it comes to planning for long term care, is knowing the nature of the care you will need, and how long you are likely to need it for. Long Term Care Insurance enables you to fund nursing home and care fees when the need arises. We work with you to get a detailed understanding of your finances.

Why should you deal with us for Long Term Care Insurance?

We’re an independent family business, established in 1987 and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). What’s more, our adviser – Andrew Pyrah – is a member of SOLLA (Society of Later Life Advisers) – a specialist accreditation body for financial advisers with specific knowledge of financial needs in later life. Our Later Life Planning service spans Equity Release, Long-Term Care Insurance and Prepaid Funeral Plans.

Our adviser Andrew Pyrah is accredited by SOLLA (Society of Later Life Advisers) and adheres to their code of practice for later life advice.

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